David Haye explained how the removal of his ego helped him to become a Poker Star

David Haye poker gamer

In the latest press conference, David Haye explained how his decision to remove his ego from his game helped to improve it to a great extent. Along with that he also explained that he topped Nikolai Value in Nuremberg which is in 2009 and he also explained his whole journey from that game to the WBA heavyweight champion. 

How to play poker – tips from David Haye

Poker Star David Haye

Along with that, he also discussed the attempts that he made to become the best player in Poker and this is one of those things that helped him to improve his game. He started his passion for casinos by learning it from a game that he had played in the near standing. He also explained that from his whole journey the only thing that he learned is that in poker you need to think before making any move in the game. The main reason behind it is that it will affect your game from one side or another. He also mentioned that there are a lot of things that we all need to learn from Amazon`s Prime series named David versus Goliath which helps you to understand the impacts that everything needs to bear because of your wrong actions. 

In Poker, there is nobody who is expert and even we all are learning the techniques with the help of our games. SO whenever you think that you can overcome the other player and win the chance then you might take it very lightly or you are too much confident about your skills. However, at that the same time, you also need to understand that poker is that type of game where you cannot overpower anybody because the game is quite sensitive. 

Learn poker when you’re unlucky

Tips from David Haye

He also mentioned that at some point in their career there are some of the situations where he actually knows that today his skills and his luck are not in his favor but to maintain his reputation and to satisfy his ego he bid with loads of money which resulted in some great losses. However, at the same time, he also said that this is something, which helps him to get the learning that once you start feeling that today is not your day or the other player is in the lead even after making too many efforts. Then it is better to keep a step back because it is something that will protect you from losing a lot of money. Along with that, it would also help you to get some learning from the incident, which actually helps you to improve your game and make it better. 

Lastly, all we can say is that these are some of the things that would help you to improve your game and make it better. Along with that, it would also help you to get some important information and the guidance that you need to take from some great players of pokers because sometimes it is better to understand from others’ experience in place of experiencing it.