What is The Amazing Promo Codes Offered by Poker Baazi?

What is The Amazing Promo Codes Offered by Poker Baazi?

The best thing that makes an online casino different from Land-Based casinos, is the amazing bonus challenges and offers. Each online casino has something special to give you through promotions. Land-Based casinos also give offers but not regularly. PokerBaazi is one of the attractive online casinos in India. It has so many offers to give you. Some of these can be activated through promo codes. There are mainly 4 promo codes that are offered by PokerBaazi. These are listed and described below.

Promo codes at PokerBaazi

Promotional codes Poker Baazi

For this one, you don’t need any promo codes. Just by following some simple steps will help you to win this amazing prize for free. First, sign up through your proper ID. Then deposit some cash at the cash corner. Then claim for the 100% bonus. This is the key to this site. If you win the matches you can get a MacBook pro, bikes, and One Plus 7T, and so on. You can earn points by playing a daily basis on the matches. Use your valuable time here, you can earn more than you invested. 

  • WELCOME 100 is the code that will help you to get 100% cashback at your first deposit.
  • Every Sunday at 9 pm there is an offer that will help you to get up to 10 lac. WKFR 10L is the code that will guide you to get this amazing opportunity. To access this offer you need to deposit a minimum of 5000 rupees to your account. 
  • DAILY75 is the coupon code that will help you to get daily free tickets. You can earn 75K GTD every day at 8.30 PM. For this step, you need to submit at least 500 rupees to your account. 
  • One amazing deal is also there. Through this deal, you can earn more than 1 crore rupees every month. For this one, you don’t need to put any code. Just participate in the tournaments organized every month.

Lots of other offers were going on till date. There were some Offers through which you can get 30% RCB for depositing at least 30,000 rupees and 20% RCB for depositing a minimum of 5000 rupees. 

25 great deals

Codes at PokerBaazi

Apart from promo codes, they have another feature which is known as promotion. Here you can see more than 25 offers are going on. 1 crore cash Bonanza, PokerBaazi Monsoon edition, Game Changer 2 crore, End Boss, Indian Micro Poker Series, Bank Roll Builder Series, PMVS, National Poker Series, The Pride, Grinder Series, Poker Insurance, Free Entry Tournaments, Open Face Chinese Poker, The Ridge, The Bout, The Endeavor, Baazi Super Sunday, The Summit, Daily Special and so many to mention. These mentioned names are very popular among the users of PokerBaazi.

More than 1 million users are using this website to play and earn. A casino where amazing offers and promo codes are helping them to earn more than the user imagine, who else not will love this site. Just be a master of the games by following the rules and regulations. Do practice preciously and participate in the tournaments. It will increase the chance of winning.