Five reasons to prefer WSOP online On GGPoker

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This year WSOP on GGPoker will be played online. There are many benefits to this game due to the availability of its online edition. Let us know more about some of them.

The big prize of $25,000,000

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The main attraction of this event is its big prize. Though it seems to be unbelievable for many ones, it’s 100% true and guaranteed. The main event of the GGPoker game gives the player a chance to win a big buck of $25,000,000. Just you have to keep playing the game, with full concentration till the end and if everything will go good, no one can stop you to grab this prize.

No need to be at any fixed location to win a bracelet

Due to considering its so big prize, many of the players may think that this prize can be won only after gambling from any particular site or casino. So let me clear all these people who think like this that this is not the case. To participate in this game you need not be at any particular location. You can participate in this GGPoker tournament even while being far away or be anywhere in the world. You can play it even while lying on your cosy bed, enjoying the beach or travelling etc. The only thing you need to play this game is one laptop and a good internet connection.

Win big for a small entry

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Now if we talk about its entry fee, most of the people will think that the money needed for this would be as large as the winning prize itself but actually, it is not so. This very interesting tournament of poker can be enjoyed and played with just an entry fee of $50. Yes, you heard it exactly right that the entry fee for this big prize tournament is just $50. So even without going to Las Vegas and without spending more on the other expenses, you can participate in the event #71 tournaments of this game just with $50.

No worries for pulling down your pants

You must still remember the very funny event of last year when Ken Strauss was arrested for dropping his pants on a table and exposing himself fully. This was one of the hottest news stories of last year in the world of poker. Now there would be no chance to make any such act as this time you can play the game from your home so basically, you are like the king of your kingdom and whatever you want to wear and whatever you want to do while playing, you can easily do without worrying for others opinion.

Win more than one bracelet at the same time

This time in this game you will be able to play through the four different tables at the same time since everything is going to be online. With the help of this facility, you would get a chance to participate and win more than one bracelet at the same time.