Khelo365 Review

Khelo365 review

The Khelo 365 poker is a kind of card game that includes betting and playing alone. The winner is selected by the mail and order of the leaves available to them. Some of the cards are hidden until the game is over. This game is played in different types, including different amounts of cards played, mixed leaves and hidden leaves. The most popular type of poker is Texas Hold’em.

It allows many different players from all over India to participate in various cash games as well as in tournaments. The widest range of real money of poker tournaments are free and you can also get huge prizes by winning this game. 

Khelo 365 and license

Khelo 365 site

When the Khelo 365 was introduced in India then it was one of the most trusted poker sites in India. The topmost priority of this is the satisfaction of the players. They will always update their site with the latest features. 

It has licenced and also offering a platform to players with exciting playing options and platforms. It has casual players as well as professional players and it also provides an online poker experience. 

The player does not need a computer to play this game. This game is easily available on all the platforms including windows downloadable, android mobile app, and HTML5 Instant play. In the android apps, they are available both as portrait and landscape for the complete user-friendliness. 

Khelo 365 Variants 

This game runs successfully because it has many varieties of poker and this is available on the site. These players are free to choose any game according to their choice from the website. The varieties of poker available on Khelo 365 are Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Pineapple (OFC), Texas 6+, Boost, and Reverse Hold’em.

Khelo 365 Games


In this game, players will also get a 20% deposit bonus on their first deposit. It will be up to 10000. This 10% was an instant bonus plus 190% was a locked bonus and will show the player as a locked bonus. This game provides the best bonus and you can also choose a promo code of your choice. You will get many benefits as a bonus.  The main tournaments of Khelo 365 are Anonymous, Boost, Freezeout/Rebuy/Add-on, Shoot Out, Timed Tourneys, Re-entry/ Multi-Entry, Knock- Out/ Progressive Knock Out, Satellite and Multi-Stage Series, and Deal Making. It also has some promotional tournaments. 

The player will also get a payback reward as a cash bonus for the time and money spent. Now how to start it:

  • This payback reward starts at midnight 12:00 and ends at 11.59 PM. 
  • The Players are eligible to participate. 
  • They get prices on a daily basis. 

This promo code has some terms and conditions:

  • To enter in this game you don’t need any promo code.  
  • During the promotion, the comp point conversation will not be allowed. 
  • After every tournament when you win then you will get a bonus and promo code.

The Khelo 365 games are very popular among the players and they will get rewards in many ways in the game.